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Bethesda Christian School

Bethesda Christian School Preschool is a part of the ongoing ministry of Bethesda Community Church. We look forward to partnering with you and your family.

A message from our pastor…


We hope that when you simply say the name, you will come to know who we are, what we do and how we do it.

Who we are: 

We’re a fellowship that has been in existence for many decades. In that time, the Lord has graced us to be a safe, stable church who gives value to integrity, character, and functioning in a way that gives honor to Him.

What we do: 

We minister to people…real people…people who are navigating their way through the stuff of life…people who are willing to allow us to reach out and touch them. It is truly the drive and push within us to help you along your journey.

How we do it: 

“Excellence” is a word that defines our goals in daily operations. Our leadership and staff take great effort to give their best…and we do it because we care.

Bethesda is multi-faceted in its’ ministry endeavors. Please take a good look around and see all that is available to you and your family. You will be warmly welcomed and invited to connect with us…
and we’ll ALL be the better for it!

J. Daniel Smith
Senior Pastor